IRL Consulting creates unique solutions for our clients, giving them the competitive advantage in their respective markets. Each of our products are designed to offer outcome based insights based on client requirement. The more common outputs and insights we provide include:

Understand how your customers (and those of your competitors) move around the market.

Catchment Area


Marketing Overview:

  • Out of home media planning
  • Where to drop your leaflets
  • Optimize marketing media spend

Market Demographics

  • Concentration – of people/customers
  • Total Traffic – Footfall
  • Other Points of Interest

Competitor Analysis

  • Shopper analysis
  • Market share
  • Cross shopping percentage

The data and the processes by which it is provided to us are designed to conform to data privacy legislation and is GDPR and POPI compliant. Updates to the dataset can be as frequent as daily, plus 48hrs.

Each lat/long is enriched with Point of Interest data including category and place name where available. Data can be split Time, Date, Gender, LSM, Income, Retail Brands visited etc… We have this data for any country globally but have client experience throughout Africa, the Middle-East, Europe and North America.

Some Examples:

  • Trip & Mode
  • Indexes
  • Enrichment
  • Retail Solutions
  • Geospatial Layers
  • Custom Analysis
  • Dashboards


Geo Audience

IRL Consulting’s Visitation Targeting Engine uses GPS level targeting from our 1st party location dataset (ie direct from the user) allowing pinpoint accuracy. Using this location we create hyper-accurate micro-audiences to match your advertising or lead generation needs. We call them Geo Audiences.

Using our Geo Audiences our clients build digital advertising campaigns to match location criteria.

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Territory Monitor

This data and dashboard solution provides a unique view of visitors and movement behaviour within pre-defined geolocation. We provide 100mx100m insight within our client’s property/territory showcasing unique visitors and dwell time separated into day and night. We also provide similar insight within a 1km x 1km insight for a 20km radius surrounding the property/territory.

Our clients have up-to-date views of:

  • Illegal access to the property
  • Areas of penetration within any property
  • Common movement within the territory
  • Areas of high risk of theft or poaching
  • Channels of access to any territory
  • Unique devices at any 100 x 100m block
  • Dwell time of the devices at any 100 x 100m block
  • Post-incident assessment for access and movement

*Additional insights can be supported with traditional enrichment including demographics, predicted income, gender etc at additional cost.

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Visitation Base

This data provides a unique view of visitation behaviour for the whole of South Africa*, giving users an up-to-date view of where, when, and how people are using specific geographies.

The geo-behavioural data is aggregated at a 100m x 100m level, allowing for the extraction of highly granular insights. For each of the approx 6.5M cells, metrics are provided for three main lifestyle segments (total, affluent and mass) and three main temporal segments (anytime, daytime and night-time)

*Other countries available on request.

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Consumption layer

Final consumption expenditure by category to sub-place with a national split by sub-place or EA. Gain insight into consumption expenditure for over 750 categories with consumption expenditure by income category.

This consumption layer product provides an extended view beyond LSM.

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Community Vision

Gain insight into land usage by segment for a defined area

Our Community Vision enables clients to monitor centre footfall , density and catchment on a daily basis for community and real-estate analytics.

The user friendly dashboard allows insight into by these three categories segmented by

  • Centre (Location)
  • Income Group (High, Medium, Low earners)
  • Date Range

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Land Claims

Gain access to Erf level data with weekly updates for every lodged claim within South Africa. Our Land Claims data is a lean, consolidated and complete view with over 18 insights including:

  • Farm name,
  • Farm portion
  • Farm number
  • Farm owner
  • Extent
  • Claimant Name
  • Gazette number
  • Lodge date
  • Notice number

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Travel Alert

IRL’s Travel alert solution uses daily mobility data from a representative sample of >750,000 mobile devices to generate a national overview of current travel volumes and destinations. Volumes are reported daily (+48hrs), giving retailers and service providers the ability to make decisions about where to send stock and/or resources to match demand. Volumes are reported at a national level (to give insight into overall trend) and broken down to sub-district level (to provide actionable insights).

These most granular insights are then stamped against store/outlet locations so that organisations can plan actions by location.

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Retail Footfall index

Granular visitation profile for any brand split by region to an outlet level for insight including market fluctuation & competitor analysis. Multiple insights include but are not limited to:

  • Catchment – Distance travelled by brand
  • Visits – Brand comparison of the number of unique visitors
  • Dwell – How long people spend there?
  • Total Traffic – Total points by brand

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