How do you categorise the dataset?

The IRL Consulting geo-behavioural dataset is a highly enriched geo-location product.

Is the data structured or unstructured?

The dataset is provided as a structured events log, with standardised values for consistency.

What security types and asset classes are covered?

Key asset classes and types include retail equities,

REITs and wider macro- economic applications.

What is the size of the universe covered by the product?

Entities and tickers are assigned to over 30K securities. We also track private businesses.

What is the approx size of the dataset?

The approximate uncompressed file size of the total record to-date (in JSON) is 50TB.

What is the primary source of the data?

Our geo-spatial dataset is sourced through our first-party network of mobile app partners.

How much historical data is available?

IRL offers 2 years of record history across the African contintent within its standard geo-behavioural dataset export.

Do you have permission from the source to redistribute the data?

Yes. Data re-distribution is permitted under our

supplier contracts and in compliance with GDPR.

What frequency of delivery do your clients currently consume?

Customers currently consume our data daily,24/48-hours in arrears.

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